June Insight

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

We’re officially halfway through 2018!!!

Most people wait till the beginning of a new year to start a ‘new me’ but I have chosen halfway through to year to give myself a boost & share my goals and achievements. Doing this gives me a push and some sort of accountability. In these monthly insights I will share my highlight of the month and document updates from different areas of my life.

Highlight of the Month

passing my driving test! Yes, I have known how to drive for many years but I finally sorted myself out and got me the pink card! Now I need to find me some new shiny wheels!

2nd Highlight of the Month!

...a trip to Mykonos, a beautiful small Greek island. I went to sing with a fabulous group of people called the Powerhouse Gospel Choir and we performed with Tokio Myers (winner of Britain's Got Talent 2017). I had an absolute blast, ate great food, had great conversations; a needed little break.

RELATIONSHIPS - I have managed to meet up with some friends, social events have helped out with that. Becky’s baby shower, Zalika's and cousin Inez’s birthday celebrations. Church also keeps me connected with some other friends.

Lots of bellies are around this month! 5 friends AND my little sister are all expecting so I need to put aside a little fund for all my new babies!

WORK & BUSINESS - I have finally registered my own limited company so can be my own boss! ..and to also stop getting ripped off by agencies and umbrella companies. Just need to secure an accountant and I’m good to go!

I have also launched an online fundraiser to support the work I’m planning to do with Mango

Tree house. Please check the details here

The Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page is also up and running.

HEALTH - I have started an 18:6 intermittent fasting pattern, it's going well so far especially as I have added in kickboxing training 3 times a week. Currently 10lbs down. Works for me!

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - I am slowly reading through Dale Carnegies book ‘How to Win friends and Influence People’. Wasn't sure what I’d get from it but was intrigued after hearing so many good accounts. I’ll update you on my findings.

I have completed my first assignment on a new course on Understanding Children and Young People's Mental Health. I’ve paused on my HR Diploma, I blame that on bad time management. Need to get back on it!

I have had a few revelations throughout the month and a new desire to do more and do better.

July, let’s go!

Raheem Devaughn Jazz Cafe
My fella took me to see Raheem DeVaughn in concert at Jazz Cafe. It was amazing!

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