July Insight

What a HOT July we’ve had!


One of my babies were born!! My darling friend Becky gave birth (for me) to Baby Judah and I just love him to bits! He’s perfect and has come to bring the world much joy!


HEALTH - I’ve lost 1 stone! whoop whooop! I feel super pumped and I want to keep going. I don’t want to be slim, I just want to feel good in and out of my clothes. Still doing the intermittent fasting during the week (not so much at the weekend). I have also met my minimum target of 10 kickboxing sessions for the month. There has been a shrinkage in my waist and a liftage of my butt. So I’m loving that! I miss my wine so I treat myself at the weekend and can’t stay away from the dumplings I make for the boys (I make damn GOOD dumplings) but we persevere! I’d like to shift at least half a stone before I go on my hols so I better buckle down.


I've had quite a few opportunities to meet up with my friends. A trip to Aldwych Theatre with the girls to watch my superstar Godson Caelan play in the Tina Turner Musical playing Tina’s son. He was fantastic and I grinned all the way through!

I organised a small surprise dinner for my little sister Chanelle's 22nd birthday. Attended a 'farewell' party for my long time friend Jay Ess who has now left the UK to live in the USA with his gorgeous wife. I attend 3 different BBQs so not doing too bad on the social front.

Haven’t seen Mum ALL month! Many many phone convos but I must make more effort to see her in the flesh in between her church and work I have to fit myself in!

‘Monthly date night’ with my partner was myth...but we did manage a couple movie nights over dinner at home as a family and also went to try out Crepes and Cones was "ok" *shrugs*. We've both been very busy working on individual projects but we must try harder next month!

Ok so my family/friends ratio is off balance. Noted.


Missed quite a bit of church in July, one week I was in Greece, another I was working on an event, another week I was prepping food for a friends BBQ and another I was just too tired to move. It do feel the difference when I don't go but I'm lucky to have friends that record the sermons or live stream so I'm not too out of touch. When I'm driving it will be much easier.


The Mango Tree House website is currently being built! The donations collected so far will cover the website and hosting for 3 years! Thank you guys! Each donation is going to good use. Mango Tree House Page

I have finally set up an official business account for CharChar PR Ltd.… Mumma I’m a CEO! I need an Accountant, recommendations welcome!

A-Flame sang at 2 sunny weddings this month. One of the brides sent us this. "Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us on our special day. My entrance was just as I imagined it when I walked down the aisle.  We could hear you all as we signed the marriage certificate which was beautiful. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed your service."

The Annual Turkey Weekender is going very very well. We have sold out of the all-inclusive packages but we've booked another hotel to accommodate some more people. If you're interested just let me know. 10th-15th October. You will have a ball!


Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health course. I received glowing feedback from my tutor for my 1st assignment. I have now submitted my 2nd assignment, band I hoping for more good feedback.

I haven’t moved on my HR Diploma… *tumbleweeds*... I’ll come back to that.

I didn’t mention last month but I am writing a book. It is based on events in my life but it’s purpose is to help others who may have had similar experiences. Haven't touched it the last couple of months HOWEVER I have discovered some juicy new content for the book. This will cover the section on my INFP personality and how it relates to having Social Anxiety which is a mental disorder that I do not claim but I definitely recognise. I count recognition as progress. (3,407 words)

I’ve started to look at cars (with my shiny new licence!). I have always been in love with the old school VW Beetle (my partner thinks it's butters LOL) but I don’t want a car that I’ll have to keep fixing so I’ll just keep saving my pennies till I have an epiphany.

No travelling this month but plans are in motion for our Jamaica trip in August, the excitement is setting in. I want to do tourist stuff. Any ideas for my itinerary please do let me know!

Looking forward to birthday on 7th August and the Jamaica holiday with my boo!

ps. I must big up my little cousin Jazzy who signed up with Liverpool FC! Doing the family SOOOOO PROUD girl!!

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