August Insight

Ok I’m very late with this one! Apologies!

Highlight of the month - I've had a birthday! Chapter 38 I have arrived honey! I had a relaxing picnic with my loved ones, chicken, mac cheese, fruit salad and music. What more could a girl ask for?

Highlight no.2 - I travelled to Jamaica with my little family! End of the month we headed to Ocho Rios. Full report will be in my next blog but here are a few snaps from the start of the hol.


My birthday was the perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone I have neglected. As well as the picnic I got some family time in with Mum and my boys. I got my soca fix at No Behaviour and I wore a cropped top… wooooi my belly was on show, kick boxing is somewhat working guys! One of my besties Liz had baby shower BBQ, she jumped around on the bouncy castle and gave birth 48 hours later! Baby Josiah is beautiful! Met up with my sister friend Roses Gabor for an overdue 1 on 1 catch ups. She has released an stunning new single called “Illusions”, please go buy it, stream it, watch the video and get your life!


“Mind check" - I went on a social media fast/detox for a week. I found myself wasting too much time scrolling when I had plenty other things to do. Maybe I’ll try doing one day a week or one week per month?

I caught myself overthinking and worrying about things that haven’t happened but stressing as about ‘what-ifs’ like they they were already happening. I fully well know that’s not the right use of my energy. I have been taught to behave as if I have already received my hearts desires and to be thankful for them even though I’m waiting for them arrive. I know all this but found myself in a downward spiral. Had to snap out of it!

“Body check” - I only managed 6 training sessions this month. The weight loss speed has slowed down although I blame some of it on the muscle I am now building. I've lost 1.5” from my hips and 2.5” from my waist. I'm feeling that! Go me!

“Spirit check” - I sang with the Ambassadors Choir to lead praise & worship on the first Sunday of the month...that felt great. I’m looking forward to doing some more in the services. I’m part of a small group that are reading the whole Bible within 1 year. This month I really loved reading the book Romans learning that God does not judge us by our works but by what is in our hearts and our faith...very comforting.


We have raised £362 for Mango Tree House so far just from family and friends which has paid for the website now up and running!

I am currently building a website for a new hair and beauty salon in East London. Looking to do some more websites so holla at your girl!

I am currently going through the process of becoming a mentor for a young person in Southwark. Looking forward to that!

A quick shout out to super ladies Asia and Charlie who run an events company called Magnum Opus. They've had a busy summer and I'm have worked as an events assistant.. Here's my with my lil cuzzie Tieah at one of their biggest events called AfroBeach.


This has been near non-existent this August. Only thing I've done is begin to look at cars. I'm even a bit behind with my assignment! Let's sort that out asap....

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